Monday, January 23, 2012

Functional Programming, Scala, LWJGL, Space Invader (note the lack of plural) and Programmers Exchange...

I've been mulling on the problem of how one might go about writing a simple video game, like Space Invaders, in Scala (using LWJGL) in as pure a functional programming design approach as possible. I'd planned to write my post shortly after Thanksgiving. However, I let the merrymaking of the holidays get the better of me and postponed writing the post.

Finally, on the way home this evening, I decided to spend at least 5 minutes writing up a question to post on Stack Overflow. Then, when I went to go about generating the post, I realized that Stack Exchange (the parent site of Stack Overflow and many other sites analogous to Stack Overflow) had a site more suited to my general question, Programmers Exchange. I then spent the five minutes writing the start of a post. And now, +2 hours later, I finally hit the submit button.

You can find the resulting post here. I'm looking forward to all the learnin' headed my way. I have the uncomfortable feeling I am going to feel a whole lot stupider around functional programming and Scala before I begin to grow the feeling of confidence emerging from nurturing my growing competence confidence. Or something like that, anyway. {smirk}

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